Instant Kamishibai

A web application dedicated to an improvised Street Kamishibai that acquires images of children’s photos taken on the spot and images that the audience likes by using the image search API, and inserts them into templates to flexibly add traditional narratives. The concept was “a device that allows everyone to enjoy personal things using the Internet.” The image display algorithm was randomized to incorporate happenings.

YouTube / Article

15th Japan Media Art Festival
Entertainment Division, Jury Selection

15th Japan Media Art Festival
and others



On Japanese edition of WIRED, I produced a promotional article for HUAWEI. It’s about prototyping with the latest devices. With “HUAWEI P10 plus” is an interactive device that uses high-definition video. With “HUAWEI Media Pad M3 Lite 10”, applications can be used in a high quality The performance of the sound system is performed, and the performance of each is verified from a manufacturing perspective I did.



Investigating for “Dozo-Dozo”

This is a project to turn the humorousness of the famous gag of comedy trio representing Japan into “wisdom that leads to production” by theorizing and creating works based on it. 22 works were implemented regardless of the media selection. In addition, it was adopted as a grant, and held solo exhibitions at Tokyo and Kyoto, and held a talk event with a science communicator to examine the differences between research and production.


The Project to Support Emerging Media Arts Creators

Solo Exhibition
Investigating for “Dozo-Dozo” Sotokanda @ 3331 Arts Chiyoda
Investigating for “Dozo-Dozo” Gion @ Y gion

Projets to Support Emerging Media Arts Creators Presentation+Exhibition @ Ginza Sony Park


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