It was a Gorishell that we used during class, but it started to occasionally chirp even after the class was over and Zoom was closed. Only the students could operate it, but it created a communication without knowing the subject or purpose.

“Alive is a website that allows an unspecified number of people to share the same space-time. When a user accesses the site and hovers the mouse cursor over the browser, the cursor appears in a room that is projected live. In other words, it is a website that allows users to become a mouse cursor and warp to a specific space, spend time alone, and communicate in real time with other people gathered there. Each user is represented as a mouse cursor, so its attributes are stripped away. There is no room for language, as all the user is allowed to do is change the X and Y coordinates, or movement.

The mouse cursor that transcends the Internet naturally overlaps with your own consciousness, and brings the difference of materials such as cloth and plastic, and spatial gaps such as corners and steps as “feel”. For example, when a mouse cursor other than your own approaches beyond a certain range, you will want to keep your distance, just as you would with a real body. As the mouse cursors communicate with each other, dance together, and stay in the same place, they gradually become closer and closer, and can connect and overlap with each other. In this way, “Alive” is a real space where we can forget our real bodies and only touch each other’s consciousness through the Internet.



Created by
Yuta Sasaki

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