Zoom in Face

A camera installed above the monitor zooms in on the recognised face with the sound effect “Kaa!” with a sound effect, the device zooms in and forces the promise on the experiencer. The forcing mechanism is an attention-grabbing look by someone. At the same time, the zoom-in in cinematography is a message to the viewer to “pay attention”, thus forcing the attention of others present in the scene as well. The sudden manifestation of self and otherness unconditionally affirms the life of the experiencer.


Hikaru Doubutsuen 2019
After Five Government

Permanent Exhibition
Mask shop OMOTE
Miraikan Shop (終了しました)

19th Japan Media Art Festival
Entertainment Division, Jury Selection

Created by
Yuta Sasaki

Thanks for
Hiroshi Inukai/a>
Jun Kitazawa
Kunitachi Arts and Sports Foundation
Kate Sakai
Keiko Sasaki

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