It is a web application that allows the listener to send sound effects and calls to the speaker and share them with others through the speaker’s microphone. In April 2020, I will be teaching a class at a graduate school, and it will be entirely on Zoom. In April 2020, I will be teaching a class at a graduate school, and the entire class will be on Zoom. physical communication with the students is now blocked, so I thought I could create a system that would allow everyone to directly interact with the space where the teacher (myself) is. It is a browser implementation of openSE.


Don’t Mind About the Title

An installation in which the title of the caption attached next to the drawing changes from time to time. One day, I casually drew a face. The face looked various. Therefore, I prepared a site where I could post what it looked like, and asked my acquaintances and friends to write it down. Then, it turned out that there are various interpretations. When I wanted to respect that interpretation, I came up with this work. Experiencers can also enter their own titles through the website and share them with the people there. An attempt to create a shared place by utilizing captions, which are semi-public.



The Barn


The idyllic barn is transformed. Click here to view it.

1-click Award 2008


Lying Jinxes


I often make up jinxes. I did that on my website. Click here to view it.




Something happens to animals that have little to do with the savannah as they walk through. Here is the contents.

1-click Award 2009


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