After Five Government


Kunitachi Art Biennale 2015 is an art festival centred on a nationwide open-air sculpture exhibition. As the festival is held in Tokyo, where countless art festivals and exhibitions are held throughout the year, we wanted to offer an experience that would make art accessible to those who are not so interested in art, but rather those who are on the margins of art. With this in mind, we decided that a ‘participatory art project rooted in daily life’ would be appropriate, so we commissioned contemporary artist Jun Kitazawa to organise the project and worked in partnership with him.


Planning and Supervision
Jun Kitazawa

Keiko Sasaki

Design Collaboration
Risei Satoh

Spatial Design
Nousaku Junpei Architects

Media Design
Yuta Sasaki

Graphic Design
Yuto Hama

Kunitachi Foundation for Culture and Sports Promotion

Joint Sponsorship
Kunitachi city
Kunitachi Municipal Board of Education

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