Same Faces

In the beginning, it was just a casual doodle of a face. Since I didn’t know what the faces looked like, I created a website where anyone could post their interpretation anonymously( ). Then, through social networking connections, 50 to 100 submissions were gathered. Eventually, there was a request for a stickers, and I responded, the site seemed to be finished. However, with the advent of the Corona disaster, online communication became more active, and the number of posts on the site began to increase again. Since there were many interesting posts, I picked them up on social networking sites, and if there is interesting post particularly, I made a “live-action” version of it. In response, the number of submissions increased, and some of the contributors even turned the face into plush doll. In response to the excitement of the contributors, I created a trophy for no reason. And there were calls to hold an award. About 3,200 posts were collected in the process leading to the implementation of the awards. Currently, we have moved to a system where posts are added in real time( ), and a total of 7,000 posts have been collected.

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