Sakura Live

By opening up the main street to artists under the cherry blossoms in full bloom, Sakura Rauibu allows people to enjoy cherry blossom viewing together with the artists. It is not a festival that turns the town into a single colour, but rather a festival where independent and diverse expressions are scattered around the usual street corners.

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Sakura Live 2015
Sakura Live 2014


After Five Government


Kunitachi Art Biennale 2015 is an art festival centred on a nationwide open-air sculpture exhibition. As the festival is held in Tokyo, where countless art festivals and exhibitions are held throughout the year, we wanted to offer an experience that would make art accessible to those who are not so interested in art, but rather those who are on the margins of art. With this in mind, we decided that a ‘participatory art project rooted in daily life’ would be appropriate, so we commissioned contemporary artist Jun Kitazawa to organise the project and worked in partnership with him.




Ltd. as a consultant and developed a vision, concept and business plan for the launch of the Melchari shared cycle scheme. The three-month demonstration experiment in Kunitachi City, where a port was set up based on the concept, was an unparalleled success, with many people using the service as their daily transport and many citizens expressing a desire to see it continue.

Contract period : 1.9.2017 – 31.12.2018
Implementation period : 22.8.2018 – 26.11.2018


I’m Here, Come Here

A series of four works that encourage exhibition and collaborative experiences over the internet, deployed via YouTube Live and held in a one-hour solo exhibition. Specifically, ‘Gorigai’, ‘Alive’, ‘openSE’ and ‘All the same face’ were exhibited, with participants committing themselves over the internet, which was facilitated by the artists themselves.


Eclectic Council

A workshop held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. Under the theme of “Eclecticism,” participants brought their own eclecticisms, talked about them, experienced and shared them, and enjoyed them together. Participants became more aware of their own prejudices and, through the experience of experiencing and enjoying the prejudices of various others, became aware of the diversity of ways of life and further expanded their perspectives on the things they love. In the final session of the workshop, the participants watched a video that was compiled from their own episodes of eccentricity.

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo Workshop 2022


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