Sakura Live

By opening up the main street to artists under the cherry blossoms in full bloom, Sakura Rauibu allows people to enjoy cherry blossom viewing together with the artists. It is not a festival that turns the town into a single colour, but rather a festival where independent and diverse expressions are scattered around the usual street corners.

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Sakura Live 2015
Sakura Live 2014

Planning and Supervision
Keiko Sasaki

Sakura Live Executive Committee
Committee Chairman : Keiko Sasaki
Deputy Chairman : Nakamura
Assistant to the Chairman : Hyottoko

Kunitachi city
Kunitachi Foundation for Culture and Sports Promotion
Kunitachi City Tourism and Town Development Association
Kunitachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Kunitachi City Commercial Co-operative
Kunitachi Commerce and Industry Promotion Co.
Tama Shinkin Bank

Kate Sakai
Shinji Nemoto

Sakura Live Map
Keiko Sasaki
Kengo Gomi

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