Don’t Mind About the Title

Since art has become a “culture”, works of art need titles to be mentioned. The “language” used in the titles of artworks is a high-resolution tool that narrows down the room for interpretation, and therefore contradicts the perspective of modern aesthetics, which endorses the sensory perception of the viewer. In this work, the “right to name” is transferred from the artist to the viewer. The interpretations of each viewer, which multiply and are shared at will, become the official title of the work each time. In this way, the artist and the viewer are placed on the same layer, and the viewer interacts with each other, so that everyone who commits to the work becomes complicit. In contrast to the recent search for beauty, which requires a linguistic space because it is “cultured,” by giving plasticity to the title, we continue to open up “free interpretation.


Created by
Yuta Sasaki

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