It is a web application that allows the listener to send sound effects and calls to the speaker and share them with others through the speaker’s microphone. In April 2020, I will be teaching a class at a graduate school, and it will be entirely on Zoom. In April 2020, I will be teaching a class at a graduate school, and the entire class will be on Zoom. physical communication with the students is now blocked, so I thought I could create a system that would allow everyone to directly interact with the space where the teacher (myself) is. It is a browser implementation of openSE.



It was a Gorishell that we used during class, but it started to occasionally chirp even after the class was over and Zoom was closed. Only the students could operate it, but it created a communication without knowing the subject or purpose.

“Alive is a website that allows an unspecified number of people to share the same space-time. When a user accesses the site and hovers the mouse cursor over the browser, the cursor appears in a room that is projected live. In other words, it is a website that allows users to become a mouse cursor and warp to a specific space, spend time alone, and communicate in real time with other people gathered there. Each user is represented as a mouse cursor, so its attributes are stripped away. There is no room for language, as all the user is allowed to do is change the X and Y coordinates, or movement.

The mouse cursor that transcends the Internet naturally overlaps with your own consciousness, and brings the difference of materials such as cloth and plastic, and spatial gaps such as corners and steps as “feel”. For example, when a mouse cursor other than your own approaches beyond a certain range, you will want to keep your distance, just as you would with a real body. As the mouse cursors communicate with each other, dance together, and stay in the same place, they gradually become closer and closer, and can connect and overlap with each other. In this way, “Alive” is a real space where we can forget our real bodies and only touch each other’s consciousness through the Internet.



In March of 2020, when the Corona disaster struck, the class I was supposed to teach as a part-time lecturer went entirely online. Since I could no longer share the real space with the students, I came up with the idea of creating a system that would allow everyone to directly interact with my space online. So, during the class, I set up a poster of a gorilla in the background of my Zoom, which could be controlled remotely via a web browser (the gorilla’s eyes would light up and the sound of a conch would ring out). This enabled communication that transcended space.


Monkey Fitness

This work constructs a “controllable space-time” that is different from the world we live in, as a phenomenon that occurs in the viewer’s perception. The basis of the work is a technology called “spatial screen. This technology uses a special rotating object and a projector to achieve stereoscopic vision with the naked eye without limiting the viewing range, inexpensively and simply. The author invented the projection principle of the “spatial screen” and has been improving it with his colleagues who specialize in stereolithography and metal processing. Specifically, the 3D model is cut into a circle toward the back and projected onto a special structure at a speed that the viewer’s eyes cannot keep up with, thereby creating a three-dimensional light. A pseudo-space-time is created by giving further temporal changes to the three-dimensional structure thus created. The monkeys dancing in space-time as a visual phenomenon ask questions such as what is time, what is space, what is mass for a three-dimensional object, what does it mean to “see”, what is the world as we perceive it, and what is existence. In addition, due to the fact that it does not limit the viewing area, it will realize the unprecedented activity of “surrounding the image with others and observing it.

This research was supported by JST, COI, and JPMJCE1308.


Don’t Mind About the Title

An installation in which the title of the caption attached next to the drawing changes from time to time. One day, I casually drew a face. The face looked various. Therefore, I prepared a site where I could post what it looked like, and asked my acquaintances and friends to write it down. Then, it turned out that there are various interpretations. When I wanted to respect that interpretation, I came up with this work. Experiencers can also enter their own titles through the website and share them with the people there. An attempt to create a shared place by utilizing captions, which are semi-public.



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