Goldfish Feelings

A traveling exhibition where you can experience the view of nature through the humorous goldfish personified by Ukiyo-e artist Kuniyoshi Utagawa. It consists of a Ukiyo-e reproduction, Kuniyoshi’s goldfish face-fitting paper craft, and a VR where you can experience the gaze of a goldfish. Especially, this VR is different from “immersive feeling” that you enjoy by yourself by looking at the HMD. Using real-time synthesis of animated goldfish on the image of a 360-degree camera, it realize “Place created by VR”.



Sharing with Cats

This is a documentary video that shows a tune of my “Zoom in Face” for cats, and shows the stray cats experiencing them. I created a cat face pattern by machine learning, and replaced it with a human face pattern that had been referenced before, and realized it as an application. The range of computer-based interactive work was extended from humans to animals, and was created based on the desire to see unrecognized reactions.


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